Electric Adjustable Beds – Orthopedic Back Pain Relief

download (7)Electric adjustable beds used to be something only seen in hospitals to provide muscular skeletal comfort and support to a patient that requires it. Since around the 1980s, beds that are adjustable have increased in popularity and are preferred by people with upper and lower back pain, arthritic and rheumatic joint pain, spinal and muscular skeletal conditions, poor circulation and stress tension amongst others.

Height adjustable beds will allow for adjusting of the bed at a height that is more convenient for the carer to provide assistance and support from. And of course adjusting the bed height and upper body part of the bed will allow the user to more easily get into and out of the bed. Not all of these beds come with a height adjusting facility, so be sure to check for this feature if desired.

Manual and electric versions of these beds are available.

As you might expect, manual adjustable beds come with fewer adjustable parts — usually 2, often referred to as the head and foot parts.

Electric adjustable beds on the other hand commonly come with 5 adjustable parts, covering the neck, back, posterior, thigh, and lower leg or foot. 4 adjustable versions are also available, lacking cover for one of the regions of the body. As the various sections are adjustable by electronic motor, it is quick, simple and easy to adjust the bed finely to suit the comfort and requirements of the user. This is done via use of a hand-held remote to adjust the various parts of the bed.


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